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Hamarain Centre is one of the shopping malls that are located in the Deira district of Dubai. The shopping mall is well knowns for its quality shops and for the fact that it is part of the J.W. Marriott Hotel. Let us see what we can get when we visit Hamarain Centre.

Deira district is one of the old districts of Dubai, and it is the former government centre and making most of the city more than 50 years ago, with the opposite lying Bur Dubai. The two districts could also be called the Medinats or old town parts of Dubai, but this is only partially true. Deira is the most famous for its nice authentic souk district and for the fact that when the last one of the Dubai Islands, the Palm Deira will be completed, it will make Deira the newest city centre of Dubai for sure. Palm Deira will be huge, more than 3 times bigger than Palm Jebel Ali, which means it is about 8-10 times bigger than Palm Jumeirah, the very first island. Palm Deira's constructions are going on with success, which means that Deira's seaside is quite a busy place. J.W Marriott with the Hamarain Centre is not too far from the Deira Corniche, the seaside avenue which is one of the most popular relaxing destinations of both locals and tourists although its closer to the business centre of Dubai which is located very close to Al Rigga. The hotel is popular, as the whole of Deira's hotels because this district is really close to the airport that makes it inviting enough for transit and those tourists who do not plan to stay for a long time.

JW Marriott is really a luxury hotel that aims to accommodate the executive level management members who visit Dubai. The hotel is definitely not primarily a holiday hotel. It is elegant; it is really a quality place with a great rooftop pool and 10 catering entities inside. This Marriott hotel could also be called a great transit hotel and it is perfect for business meetings and for the holding of other executive programs. As the hotel is one with the Hamarain Centre, it receives a great deal of high-level visitors. Therefore, the shops you can find here are also on the quality level. There is every type of store which you can normally find within a shopping mall that includes ladies, mens and childrens apparel, maternity stores, trendy stores such as Levi's Jeans, expensive label boutiques such as Saint Honoré Paris, Paris Gallery, Antonio, Vanentino, Leather Palace, Grant Shoes. Apart from fashion labels you can also find some quality jewellery stores over here such as Damas, Al Fardan, Al Manara, Mohammed Sharif and brothers and Pierre Cardin, just to name a few examples.

There is prarmacy, optician stores, sweet shops, cafererias and a great playing room for children within the Hamarain Centre. Although this is not a huge shopping mall on its three floors you can really find a wide range of goods. Although this shopping mall is not as much family oriented as others in the area, there is also a supermarket within the mall, the Sky Mini Mart where you can make a quick food shopping as well. Of course as every shopping mall, Hamarain Centre also has a nice food court inside.

Of course, there are Arabic style textile and women's garment stores within the Hamarain Centre and the variety of stores is great. The easiest way to get to Hamarain Centre is by metro. The shopping mall is quite close to the Al Rigga Metro Station, but you can also target to get off at the Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station, as the mall is in between the two.
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